"No matter what, we gotta stand up for each other."

This is a little open verse I’m starting in which the characters involved are members of a mafia and the dark adventures they get up to. Heavily inspired by the game Town of Salem. Rules below!

  • Please try and follow everyone in the group. It’s not 100% required, but I would appreciate it everyone tried.
  • We’d appreciate no OOC drama.
  • The youngest a character can be is 18.
  • Canon characters, OCs, and doubles of existing character are all allowed!
  • Any fandom and even non-fandom blogs are more than welcome.
  • Your blog can be part of other AU groups and have other verses. There is no need to make an account specifically for this AU.
  • Anything in relation to the AU should be tagged “v: family comes first”, just for the sake of practicality.
  • I would appreciate it if you ran it over with me before adding something special onto your character for their role. I’ll more than likely say yes.
  • Any threads where specific characters die and/or are fatally harmed MUST be planned out with that mun beforehand.
  • People are more than allowed to bring multiple accounts into the group!
  • Please try and contribute to the group. If you go two weeks without interacting with anyone without a good reason, you will be removed from the group.
  • Be a decent human being.

All you have to do to join is message me with your character’s name, age, role, and optionally their fandom, Roles can be found here! Multiple people with the same role are allowed.

The chatzy room can be found here! There is a password hint in the room description, but if you really need to know, ask someone in the group!

The Family:

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No you don’t.  Taking care of yourself is a good thing and getting out is good for you, so get up before you get prematurely old.  It’s already starting.

The fuck is that supposed to mean?

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"Oh I love weird jewelry, lemme see!" he gasped, holding out his hand.

He shrugged and pulled it out of his pocket, dropping it in Tazim’s hand. It was a big, gold ring that was obviously intended for a man, the main attraction being all too familiar red cross.

"I figured it was a class ring at first, but now I have no idea what it could be for."

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"I found this weird ring when I was going through my dad’s stuff."

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20-octobre 2014

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((I’d like to apologize for the lack of post and replies on my end lately. The mafia chatroom was a bigger success than I expected so I’ve been really distracted.))

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((Any specific verse? owo;))

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((Does anybody want a starter?))

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