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alex and heller are competing dancers

also, dana and alex :c

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((the mercer siblings would do this and you can’t convince me otherwise))


Tsk, tsk. Another patient. He hadn’t even finished cleaning up his supplies!

Bloodshot eyes scowled at the visitor on the other side of the glass as he picked up a bloody rag and one of the many syringes on the counter in front of him. He kept eye contact as he began to clean the needle. 

"Another one? I’m really starting to feel like I’m the only person who isn’t infected…"

Bleach AU


There was no response from the arrancar this time, only a small nod in response. Huh…so that’s how the Shinigami traveled to and from worlds. A bit more secure than his own home, that much was certain. Resist the urge to kick Alex through—

After a minute of debating, he simply walked in front of the other, only to grab the Soul Reaper’s blade and have it across his neck.>

"…If you’re so worried about betrayal, you should at least put some effort into making it look like you’re not trying to take over anything by at least having the big scary arrancar subdued," he stated matter of factly.

Right after he said this did he tug Alex along through the gate, wanting to simply get this ordeal over with. Whether this was a mistake or not was still up for debate, the arrancar immediately tensing up the moment he set foot in the Soul Society.

"I… suppose you have a point." He replied. "I’m not a very experienced Reaper, if I’m honest about it."

He hated admitting it. It made him seem like a child, or even someone of lesser intelligence. He was neither of which, and he wanted to be sure people knew that. After all, with what he had done before he died…

He seemed distracted during the short walk to Soul Society, but he hook himself back into focus a they arrived. Many other reapers stared at him in confusion, some in awe. A few till gave him dirty looks. Tch. Figures.

"Just follow me, okay?"

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connor-is-the-captain-of-my-bed replied to your post: ((this time, on dr. mercer’s adventure…


((actually,I’m afraid we might be thinking of two different games ;w; I’m playing Town of Salem, which is a multiplayer murder mystery game.)) 

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((this time, on dr. mercer’s adventures in Town of Salem.


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"Someone tried stealing my food today. So I gave them a nice little hole in their hand along with a trip to the hospital." Deadpan

"…We need to work on your angry management."

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Unohona teaching Stein her smile. Nuff said 8I

And in that moment, he knew, he was fucked.

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((i think my tumblr is broken—))

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((do you ever wind lyric that fit your muse in a song they can’t relate to?))